Rising to Heaven

Symphonic melodic death metal


Rising to Heaven - a brand-new name on the metal scene of a new millennium. This is the band, which created their music vision from hardcore and hard rock melodic death-metal tracks together with graceful and harmonious symphonic accompaniment. Such a loud, powerful and original combination in this style cannot leave the audience indifferent.

The band “Rising to Heaven” was born in the most beautiful Russian city – Saint-Petersburg in 2015 on January, 10. At the onset of the band was a collaboration of drummer Oleg Polivanov and guitarist Vadim Petrov, who couldn`t choose the style for new music tracks.

During the music-making, the musicians chose the style entirely and permanently - symphonic melodic death metal.

This is a pioneer genre not only in Russia, but also worldwide. The first experience in presenting band`s own works made its way and brought in new members.

In the end of 2015 guitarist Alexey Medved came into the band, and in the middle of 2016 bassist Stanislav Karpov joined the melodic death trio.

In summer 2018, vocalist Mark Panin joined the band after prolonged search. Renewing staff, the band continues to work at new music and prepares debut singles for releasing. Despite of difficulty, the amount of work and expenses, the group is not going to slow down.

The craving for the favorite style of music unites the musicians and also they have common goals – to create high-quality and powerful works that touch the heart.

Nowadays “Rising to Heaven” is an international group (Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus) of five absolutely different persons, bringing together by aim for creating favorite music, which is characterized by deep melodism and whirlwind power


Drums Oleg Polivanov

An energetic leader, pushing and tough drummer. He sets the high rhythm to his creation – band “Rising to Heaven”. He is the driving force.

Guitar Vadim Petrov

A peaceful and quick composer. The best performer of guitar`s solo and fast riffs. His manner of playing is recognizable: it is accurate and highly-skilled. His merit is the melodics of “Rising to Heaven”.

Guitar Alexey Medved

An educative, clever and competent person, a real team player. His merit – rich and aggressive rhythm, which must be in every band. Lateral thinking and approach to composing new works makes him an essential part of the band.

Bass Stanislav Karpov

An enthusiastic, capable and rational bass guitarist, whose manner of playing creates a depth and space in group`s music works. He is the tremendously powerful component of the band.


Woland's Night

Extreme and hard melodic death metal track combined with graceful and symphonic accompaniment.

Autumn Etude

Extreme and hard melodic death metal track combined with graceful and symphonic accompaniment.

Fall Into Oblivion

Extreme and hard melodic death metal track combined with graceful and symphonic accompaniment.


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