Rising to Heaven

Symphonic melodic death metal


A band from Saint Petersburg playing symphonic melodic death metal. Our music is a combination of melodic death metal and symphonic arrangements. The main goal of Rising to heaven is to develop a new vision of melodic death for broad audience.

Our songs are inspired by mystical images from world classics and history. Currently we have several released singles and they are available on all music streaming platforms.


Oleg Polivanov

Drums and arrangements

Vadim Petrov

Lead guitar

Alexey Medved

Rhythm guitar

Stanislav Karpov


Simon Klimenko

Vocals and lyrics


Battle Of Lake Trasimene
End Of Humanity
Sleepy Hollow
Woland's Night
Autumn Etude
Fall Into Oblivion


We have a concert program for all events. Feel free to ask and write us about your offer, we will consider it.